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Lazard Veteran Preps Macro Launch

By Patrick Mullin, CFA | Jun 23, 2020 10:53:14 AM

David Cleary, CIO and partner at investment business Crow Point Asset Management, is spinning out of the fund with two global macro strategies. Under the newly funded entity, Timber Point Capital Management, Cleary and his partners will manage two strategies, previously under the wing of Crow Point. The firm will start with $100m in AUM, said Cleary. He is aiming to raise another $100m in capital within the year. The firm currently has between $5–$10m in additional commitments.

The new round of fundraising will primarily target wealth managers and advisers. “Timber Point has a hybrid mandate. We’re taking hedge fund techniques and applying them to a daily liquid investment vehicle. “I’ve been a macro investor for a long time. I ran the strategy at Lazard for many years, and I then spun out to a small partnership [Crow Point]. When I was at Lazard, I realized I wanted to do this at a smaller venue and have more control.” The directional global macro strategy will invest across asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. “We believe the current market is such that strategies like this one will have a greater application,” said Cleary. “The problem with the market over the past few years has been that it has largely been dominated by US large-cap equities, particularly in tech. Anything outside of that space ended up being an underperforming asset class. "We think that this environment is going to bring out definitive winners and losers in asset classes, sectors and all the way down to securities.”

Written by Victoria Pavlova at HFN Global



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